Hi, I'm Igor Lukanin.

I'm fascinated by technology changing people's lives so I strive to make it more accessible to software developers and accelerate the change.

Currently, I'm doing all things growth and developer experience for Cube.js, a lightning-fast open source developer framework for building analytical applications.

Earlier this year, I co-organized the ICFP Programming Contest 2020, an outstanding annual 72-hour team programming competition with a fascinating backstory and unconventional tasks that drew attention of more than 500 teams of software developers and computer science enthusiasts all over the world.

I led the product marketing team at JUG Ru Group — the largest and the most outstanding developer conference production company in Russia. My team was in charge of an ambitious product development and marketing effort following the COVID-19 outbreak which made offline conferences unfeasible but inspired us to rethink conferences to leverage online experience in full.

Earlier I led the developer relations at Kontur — a B2B and B2G software company of 1200 engineers making products for 2 million businesses. I helped developers to share their experience via conferences, meetups, hackathons, contests, open source projects, publications, podcasts, etc. I directed the DevRel team, built the necessary infrastructure and culture in the engineering organization, and evolved the bootcamp for new developers.

I strive to make everyone's life better through my pet projects. Used to be a product manager, took interest in product marketing.

I'm addicted to motion pictures. I've watched 70 movies last year. More to come in 2020.

I'm interested in space exploration. So far I've been to two spaceports: Kennedy Space Center and Baikonur.